Christmas in Dubai: Gifts and more

Christmas themed pajamas at Marks and Spencer in Dubai Mall

Christmas themed pajamas at Marks and Spencer in Dubai Mall (Photo by Salama AlSuwaidi)

By Salama AlSuwaidi

Dubai – It’s almost that time of year again where the weather is colder, the drinks are warmer and everyone’s looking for something to gift their loved ones. It’s almost Christmas time.

You may ask, how is Christmas celebrated in the UAE when it’s a Muslim country? Well, the UAE has always had its door open to the diversity in culture and religious beliefs of those who live and work here; so, Dubai celebrating Christmas is no surprise at all.

Right before Christmas, people have a rough time finding gifts to give to their loved ones and end up going last minute shopping. Well, Dubai Fashion News is here to help you get inspired. We’re here to give you ideas on what you could get for your friends and family.


There’s a large number of expats in the UAE. From tourists to residents, the numbers keep increasing and so far, Dubai has done a pretty decent job at accommodating expats who live and work here.

Even though the UAE is a Muslim country, different faiths are tolerated and there are multiple places of worship to accommodate those with religious beliefs other than Islam. A lot of the churches built in Dubai are built on land donated by the government which further demonstrates the UAE’s tolerance.


During this time of year, almost all stores in Dubai have sales and promotions and currently most of shops at The Dubai Mall are having 30% to 75% off, as they are following the Dubai Calendar.

We’ve gathered a brief list of stores to help narrow down where you could purchase gifts for your loved ones:
Debenhams usually starts it’s Christmas promotions towards the end of November – early December. Almost all cosmetic brands in Debenhams have packages and bundles on select items. Debenhams is a great place to shop at because of its diversity in products. From cosmetics, to statement fashion pieces, Debenhams has got you covered.

Marks and Spencer has already started showcasing and selling their Christmas themed products. They’ve brought in a special Christmas themed pajama line for women along with promotions on sweaters for men. They also prepare food baskets with a great mix of sweet and savory items with Christmas themed packaging.

Galeries Lafayette has also started showcasing their Christmas themed products, majority of which include Christmas decorations as well as lots and lots of chocolate. They also provide free of charge gift packaging for beauty and fashion items and more. They’re currently having a 30 to 50% off sale (on select items) as are other stores in Dubai Mall.

Bloomingdales similarly to Galeries Lafayette, Bloomingdales offers high end brands and they usually start their sales and promotions for Christmas during December. They offer Christmas gift packaging free of charge.

Along with the stores mentioned above, Jo Malone and Bath and Body works offer great products to be given as gifts. If your loved one enjoys scented candles and warm scents, Bathe and Body Works is the place for you. If you’re looking for something fresh and elegant, Jo Malone offers a vast variety of scents that could cater to your needs.

Buying Christmas gifts is never an obstacle in UAE and on the contrary, the range of various gifts is tremendous.  There is nothing happier than living in a tolerant, diverse and prosperous city like Dubai, where you can enjoy shopping for your religious holidays and practice your faith openly.

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