Some international travel destinations to consider

On the southeast coast of Australia, Melbourne, is one of the travel destination the writer recommends this summer. The capital of the state of Victoria, Melbourne has nearly five million inhabitants, including lots of wildlife. (Photo by Maryam AlAidaros)

By Maryam AlAidaros

ABU DHABI—Planning the perfect summer destination with the ones you love after the stress you had in your school or work is the perfect thing to do. Many people travel with their families to enjoy quality time together and make memories. There are different types of destinations depending on what you like to do. Some go for beach destinations while others like to stay in cities. In what follows, I’ll look at three destinations for your summer vacation.


There are many things to experience in Australia. If you enjoy winter weather, green landscapes, nature, adventure and a different atmosphere, you’ll love Australia. I highly recommend spending time in different cities to experience different things. There are buses, trains, flights to take and you can also drive from a city to another. Australians are friendly and helpful. You can always see people happy and smiling around you. The only downside is that their day ends earlier, most places close at 5 p.m. during weekdays. Moreover, it can be on the pricier side.

Melbourne: It’s a big city, but there are busy and quiet places to enjoy. One of the main places to visit in the city is Federation Square, where there are many things happening. The square has shops, restaurants and cafes, museum and events. It’s a busy area especially on weekends. The second place I recommend visiting is The Great Ocean Road, which takes around a two hours and 30 minutes’ drive from Melbourne City. The best thing about it is the great scenic coastal drive. Thirdly, Werribee is a great place for relaxation. I recommend staying at that Mansion Hotel and Spa at Werribee Park. There are different things to do and see there such as the museum in the hotel and there’s an open range zoo at the area. Finally, there’s the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Zoo and Yarra River to visit too.


It’s a good destination for honeymooners and families as well. For people who like warmer weather and green landscapes, Malaysia is a great choice. It’s a country that combines different cultures and religions, consisting of mainly Malays, Chinese and Indians. It’s nice to see how different cultures there live together. Travel costs there are low. You can enjoy doing several things within your budget.

Langkawi: Far away from busy cities and crowded areas, Langkawi is an island in Malaysia worth visiting. It’s a trip full of adventure and different experiences. You’ll see how locals live there and how simple they are. The best ways to reach there is by a ferry or plane. Flying will take around an hour from KL to Langkawi. A ferry will take an hour and 15 minutes, and it depends on the the ferry type too. Places to visit include Langkawi Dragon Fruit Farm, which is a fruits farm that a guide will drive you through explaining everything with passion. Another recommended experience is the Langkawi Mangroves Tours. It’s a boat tour that will take you to different places such as the Bat Cave and Fish Farm, depending on the package you pay for. I also recommend Langkawi Cable Car, Crocodile Adventureland and Underwater World Langkawi.


There are many known places to visit in Germany, including Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt. Germany is an open museum with history to see. It’s for people who like shopping, food, adventure, festivals and cold weather. Prices in Germany are not expensive and not that cheap. One of the downsides known about Germany is that some Germans will refuse to speak in English with you, even though they might know it. Still, it’s not hard to pick up a few German words and phrases, such as guten morgen (good morning), danke schön (thank you), bitte (your welcome) and auf wiedersehen (good-bye).

Dusseldorf: For people who like city vibes, especially art and history lovers, Dusseldorf is a place they’ll enjoy. It’s full of life. There are museums, galleries and boutiques to enjoy. For art lovers, I recommend Kunstpalast, K20 and K21 Art Collection, as well as Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. For car lovers there is the Classic Remise Dusseldorf, showing vintage and classic cars. There are other galleries and meusems too. Konigsallee is great for shopping brands. There are outlets for shopping too such as Fashionesta and Luxury Designer Outlet. People visiting can also go walking alongside the Rhine River. Near the Rhine there is the old town to discover and wander in its small streets. To see old parts of the city, go to the Kaiserswerth, which is next to the Rhine. Finally, there Dusseldorf is close to both Bonn and Cologne, as well as Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels, so you can extend your trip for a few more days and explore those cities as well.

Where are you going, or where have you been around the world? Discuss in the comment section below.

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