She nurtured my journey through Zayed University

Student Affairs’ Reem Al Kindi, center, leads a workshop at Zayed University. Ms. Al Kindi is senior student leadership and development coordinator in the Office of Student Affairs at ZU. (Photo by NoorAbdoulhamid Bagher Zadeh)

By Noor Abdoulhamid Bagher Zadeh

ABU DHABI—In our life’s journey, we all meet people who change something in us. These people make an impact, leaving good values in our personalities.

Before I graduate, I thought I might write about someone who guided me in my Zayed University journey.  That person is Reem Al Kindi. Ms. Al Kindi is senior student leadership and development coordinator in Student Affairs at ZU.

I have worked with Ms. Al Kindi for more than a year. During that time, I have learned a lot.

You might be surprised if I told you that I learned with her more than what I learned in my classes. I learned how to face my problems and deal with them. I learned how to be strong at my weakest moments, how to stand in the middle of a storm and face it. I also learned how to talk and have boundaries with members of the opposite gender.

Ms. Al Kindi taught me how to plan and organize events. During my work at Student Life, I leaned that being ethical and having values is much more important then just working hard. Ms. Al Kindi taught me that work ethic is very important. I didn’t pay attention to what “work ethic” means at first, but with time I realized it’s very important. I learned you had to work hard and to be on time to class and student organizations’ meetings. I also gained knowledge of when and where to be emotional and passionate on the one hand, and when to be unsentimental and cold on the other.

I visited hospitals with Ms. Reem, I touched down in the real world. I learned that I should be thankful for everything I have—a good education and sound health.

She’s a teacher, friend and leader to me. Being part of her world made me very proud because I know when I leave Student Life, I won’t be the same person who entered it. I’m now stronger and ready to face the real world.

I’m thankful for all that Zayed University has offered me the last four years. All the young ladies here should take advantage of what Zayed University has to offer because ZU isn’t just about being in the classroom; it’s much more than that. I tell you to join in all kinds of extracurricular activities. Be part of all the university events, be part of the leadership programs, join a student organization, play sports and learn from every experience.

Shine and rise during your journey through ZU. I think I did, and that’s because Ms. Reem Al Kindi was my shining light.


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4 Responses to She nurtured my journey through Zayed University

  1. Salma Mohammed says:

    great article , well done . .

  2. Reem is one of the people who i see them positive. Noor, great job and congratulations.

  3. mariamjs83 says:

    thats a very touching story. i loved your article so much. it made me want to experience what you had.

  4. Jawaher says:

    Really you encourage me to participate in the ZU and be part in any clubs, because doing nothing in the university is a very boring routine.

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