ZU students in supporting role at Abu Dhabi Book Fair

Rochelle Williams, center, shares her book “The Hungry Camel” with school children at the 2016 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. The 2017 book fair runs through May 2. (Photo courtesy of Rochelle Wiiliams)

By Noor Abdoulhamid Bagher Zadeh

ABU DHABI—The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair continues to flourish, and that is because Abu Dhabi offers excellent access to industry professionals and key market players in the Middle East and North Africa.

It’s also a great place for young people, including Zayed University students.

ZU has a booth at the 2017 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. The booth contains lots of activities, such as the mailbox activity, which encourages visitors to write love and thank-you letters to friends and family, and the students will deliver them later.

“The world needs more love letters,” said Aisha Bin Bisher, one of the organizers at Abu Dhabi Book Fair.

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, operated by TCA, opened on Wednesday, April 26 at ADNEC. It runs through Tuesday, May 2. Hours are 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily, except Friday when the hours are 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. A total of 65 nations are represented by1,300 exhibitors.

The capital’s book fair offers many opportunities for people of all ages: for example, students can gain knowledge about universities, businesses, companies for publishing, and also to get to know about private and public sectors. Visitors to the book fair also will be able to meet professional writers and hear them talk about how they write.

The Zayed University booth is offering workshops for high school students. One of the workshops is “My Journey at Zayed University.” Another workshop is by ZU graduates who have been published. They’re going to share their experiences in the workshop.

This year’s book fair is different because it has multiple workshops for all ages.

ZU Student Life prepared a giveaway for people who are going to visit the booth. The volunteers for this events are Zayed University students. Their job is to promote and present their country first and Zayed University.

Reem Alkindi, senior leadership and development student coordinator, interviewed the volunteers.

This year’s guest of honor nation is China. The China Pavilion is located in Hall 11.

Abu Dhabi’s book fair began in 1981 under the patronage of Sheikh Zayed.



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