Sunset at Dubai canal

By  Maryam H.Al Sarrah, Moaza Thani, Mouza Ali


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11 Responses to Sunset at Dubai canal

  1. Salma Mohammed says:

    its one of the greatest project , its my favorite places . . nice video

  2. Ayesha Saif says:

    A good place to show the Dubai sunset . Good job.

  3. Huda S says:

    Awesome video, you did a great job by choosing the right place to show us the sunset.

  4. Einas Majed says:

    The sunset in the video is beautiful

  5. naeemataif says:

    amazing shooting of mixing color of the sunset and you chose a good timing

  6. Asma Naser H. says:

    Sunsets in Dubai are the best. Great video, by the way.

  7. I like the video, when they took from sunset until the night, i like the lights of the canal it is amazing

  8. Suhaila Al Dosari says:

    Can you see this link
    the link has the same video but with another student name

  9. Athari Alhosani says:

    Great video, it shows the sunset clearly as well as it is breathtaking.
    thank you for the video, hope to see more.

  10. good long shots.

  11. sara282 says:

    amazing video because it shows how the sunset in clear way

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