Meylas Restaurant: The place to go for traditional cuisine

Here are many tools and food supplies that are used in Emirati culture, as shown at Meylas Restaurant, which serves traditional food. (Photo by Shamma Jassem)

By Shamma Jassem

ABU DHABI—A few weeks ago, I had my first experience with Meylas Emirati Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. It is located in Al Muneera near Al Raha Mall and Al Bandar, on E10 across from Khalifa City A.

You can taste the real traditional food of Emirati culture. The restaurant serves main courses, beverages and desserts.

You can feel the vibe of the old Emirati heritage by looking at the decorations of the place. It is completely full of decorations with the old basic and vintage materials that were used in living rooms in the past. The plates and spoons are old-style shapes; the chairs had a dress with textures that related to Emirati designs, and some of the walls had writings such as the proverbs from Emirati culture and many other details.

The entree I had was called Arsiya, a savory rice pudding with chicken served with locally produced ghee. The fresh taste of the food was good. The dish was a little small for a main course.

I was a bit disappointed because the menu did not include Harees, which is very famous for such a culture. However, there was a weekly menu written on a board that I did not actually notice until I looked at the decorations. It contains other types of food that are not on the menu, including Harees.

I really was surprised when I checked the beverages category. There are many types of Emirati traditional drinks. I had a drink called Laban Maleh, a salty yoghurt blended with traditional spices. It was really good.

At the end of my meal, I ordered a dessert called Legeimat, a fried sweet dough served with date syrup. It was very crunchy and tasty.

The restaurant looked very clean from inside and outside, although the plates and tables were an old design. Still, it was totally modern in feel from the excellent cleaning. The chef was cooking in front of the customers behind a wall of glass, but there was no food smell around the place and the cooking area looked very clean.

On the wall of Meylas, next to bags of grain, are writings that have different meanings in Emirati culture. Some provides wisdom; others, humor. (Photo by Shamma Jassem)

Reservations are available. You can book a table for you and your friend.

Also, there is a food truck that you can reserve for a single day. This truck serves take-away orders, but not what is on the restaurant menu. The truck has received around 400 reservations so far, according to one of the waiters, Mr. Roger Keith.

The price for two persons is Dh200, and it is Dh300 to Dh400 for four people.

The restaurant does not have its own parking. You have to park in Al Muneera visitors’ area and take the elevator to the first floor. The restaurant is located in front of the beach and has an outside seating, which gives you a very good view experience.

Food box

Meylas Emirati Restaurant

Telephone: 02-552-2243

Fax: 02-552-2443



Address: P.O. Box 4435, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Location: Near Al Muneera, of Dubai Highway (E10) in Abu Dhabi (across from Khalifa City A)

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  1. Salma Mohammed says:

    you made me crave legimat . . nice report

  2. mariamjs83 says:

    i loved your article so much. i love how you described the place and talked about the restaurant in details. i would defiantly recommend this restaurant for foreigners since is describes our culture and the food they serve is UAE local food. great article loved your work so much

  3. Huda S says:

    Great review, loved how you explained everything so clearly and gave details, and I think I’m going to visit the restaurant soon.

  4. Asma Naser H. says:

    I loved the atmosphere and I’m planning on visiting it soon.

  5. Alreem Mohamed says:

    I love going there to eat their Lugaimat, they make the best ones!!
    Thank you for reviewing the place. 🙂

  6. i like your review about this traditional emirate restaurant, but i don’t i like really the tast of the food

  7. Suhaila Al Dosari says:

    In my opinion this Restaurant is one of the best Restaurant to go to with your family, friends, and gusts from other countries. The atmosphere is great same as the food. Thank you Shamma Jassem.

  8. Sara Alzaabi says:

    Nice description of the place . Its really let me feel that I am in that place.. & this article is so good to be written for tourists..

  9. sara282 says:

    i like it a lot and i will visit the restaurant. good job wish you luck

  10. Naeema says:

    I like to eat traditional foods especially of Emirati culture and this place are offer a lots of these food . Also, It is a nice place to eat with our family or friends and there is nice decoration and delicious food.

  11. Alia says:

    Good description about the restaurant.

  12. Asma Humaid says:

    Great review, I like how you describe everything about the restaurant, well done.

  13. sara Abdulla says:

    one of the best places for traditional food .

  14. Nada says:

    Very good description of the place and food.

  15. Bashayer. says:

    Good review, I like how you describe the restaurant.

  16. Abeer Mohammed says:

    I liked the way you talk and describe the restaurant, great work keep going.

  17. Salama says:

    Interesting review, and I love how you included your honest review and your right we hope in future that they add more Emirati dishes to their menu

  18. Meera Al Hammadi says:

    Loved how you describe everything in a very detailed way. Great writing skills. And your article is full of info. I really liked the decoration of the restaurant I may give it a try.

  19. Salama says:

    I love the concept of a traditional emirati restaurant so that tourists and visitors can share the cultural experience and have a taste of our delicious food!

  20. Jawaher says:

    I like your review about the restaurant, you cover every things related to the restaurant. Its a good job and its very useful review for the tourism.

  21. Aisha says:

    You describe the place well, I like the decoration but the food wasn’t too delicious.

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