You can make a difference in your society

Fatima Ahmed Abdulla Al Hammadi is pursuing her dream to be a nurse. (Photo by Noor Abdulhamid)

By Noor Abdulhamid

ABU DHABI—Being different is not easy. It never is.

Being different means you don’t really blend in with society easily because you’re doing something unusual. You have to be you. You can’t change that. You can’t lower your standards.

Today I am bringing you, my dear readers, a unique story about a young Emirati woman who has dared to be herself. She has fought with all her power to become a nurse. She wanted to follow her long-held dream of rescuing people from disease and illness.

This is the story of Fatima Ahmed Abdulla Al Hammadi, a senior nursing student at Fatima College of Health Sciences in Abu Dhabi.

Her dream was to become a doctor. She heard about a bridging program between nursing and medicine, but in her second year there was a life-changing event.

Miss Al Hammadi met a patient at Al Mafraq Hospital. He kept asking her about his situation, and he was amazed how much passion she has for her profession. He was fascinated by how well she took care of her patients. After she finished with an initial diagnosis, the man told her that he, in fact, is a doctor and impressed.

Miss Al Hammadi faced a lot of obstacles to be a nurse: She fought with all her energy to convince her family that her country needs her as nurse because here in the UAE there is a shortage of Emirati nurses. Another problem is that nurses have to work at odd hours, often at night. Her family was not comfortable with this at first. Later, her family came to accept the unusual hours.

Another issue is the fact that she decided to be a nurse, not a doctor. Society would like to push young people to the top of our chosen professions, which in the medical field would mean being a doctor. Miss Al Hammadi chose nursing instead, and for a while had to live with seeming to have not reached her ultimate goal.

But she has made the breakthrough. Now her goals are to serve her beloved country and help people. It’s OK to be a nurse.

Miss Alhammdi always has loved the idea of taking care of people, and it’s a part of her personality. The good news is that she has been offered a position at Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi.

“Don’t give up easily because if you do, you will never reach your goals,” she said. “Fight until you accomplish what you want, and it’s OK to be different.”

And being unusual is never a bad thing when you are helping others.

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24 Responses to You can make a difference in your society

  1. Einas Majed says:

    Your story is very inspiring, dont stop and keep following your dream, I wish you luck!

  2. afraeid says:

    this is true, everyone can make a difference in their society by taking the first step.

  3. mona says:

    Fatima I admire your bravery and always if you want something you should work hard to reach it. It is a good example of a successful Emirati girl.

  4. Fayza Saif says:

    Such an inspiration to work towards something unique and help people, I loved the fact that she worked hard to persuade her dream. so proud of her.

  5. Alreem Mohamed says:

    I love inspirational stories.
    Everyone should be determined on following their dreams until they become a reality.
    I wish Fatima all the best, and thank you for sharing her story!

  6. mariamjs83 says:

    i enjoyed reading this article because it mainly talks about success and goals. what i really loved about fatima is that she didn’t give up on what she wanted and she insisted on achieving it.

  7. So proud of her, to see this girl struggling to achieve her dream, I like when she said “Don’t give up easily because if you do, you will never reach your goals,” she said. “Fight until you accomplish what you want, and it’s OK to be different.” this make me feel that no one can stop you to achieve your goals. good luck Noor!

  8. this is a great example of how we should follow our dreams.

  9. Ayesha Abdulla Omar says:

    Love this article! It’s really nice to hear about people who are actively trying to achieve their goals no matter how difficult. She’s a great inspiration to all young Emirati women!

  10. Alia Alromaithi says:

    Great job, and good example of successful Emirati women.

  11. Jawaher says:

    Its a good example for all students to not give up. I like when she said “Don’t give up easily because if you do, you will never reach your goals,”

  12. Naeema says:

    you are a really a great example of a successful Emirati women. I have benefit and learn from your word to be a successful women as you and I will work hard to reach my dream in the future

  13. sara282 says:

    great job and don’t give up. It is a great article to learn how to be success.

  14. shahad says:

    really an great example of a successful Emirati girl, keep going no matter what. you will inspire a lot of young people to encourage them t achieve their goals. Good job

  15. sara282 says:

    good job and it is a very good thing that can help all people be success.

  16. sara282 says:

    really great example for acheiving your dream you are really strong girl and wish you luck in all your work, thank you for this amazing challenge and in this way many girls will be success.

  17. sheikha Al-Qubaisi says:

    great story, i think this would motivate all young female to follow their dreams even if it was new. brilliant ideas hard to be accepted from the first time.
    i like it !!

  18. shaikha alhosani says:

    is shows that you are achever and dreamer, good job

  19. Noura Ali Almarzooqi says:

    Such a great example of challenges to achieve the dream. I liked they way that Fatima fights until accomplishing what she want. She made me believe that nothing is impossible and you can do it. I’m proud of you and good luck. thank you Noor for sharing the great story.

  20. Abeer Mohammed says:

    It is never too late to choose what you are interesting on. And nothing is easy, if you want something you must work hard to reach it. I’m really surprised Of the courage of Fatima, many girls did not take the step of change from the middle. Fatima proved for me and all of the students that nothing is impossible with will. I hope that she will succeed in the field of specialization and be an active element in the service of society.

  21. sara Abdulla says:

    This story teach us to never give up on our dreams no matter what happened .

  22. Ayesha Alyaarbi says:

    Such an inspiring story, a great example that made me believe that nothing can stops you from achieving your goals. Just fight for it. Best of luck.

  23. Sara Alzaabi says:

    Fatima is one of the people that others can take her as an great example of a successful Emirati women.
    Thank you Noor for sharing such a great example of reaching a dream and fight for it.

  24. Ayesha Saif says:

    A great example of confrontation challenges to achieve the dram. I like when Fatima said “Don’t give up easily because if you do, you will never reach your goals,” she said. “Fight until you accomplish what you want, and it’s OK to be different.”. Good work Noor <3

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