Wander with Nada: tourism with a twist

ZU students with Nada Badran Tourism Entrepreneur Wander with Nada (Photo by Dr Noela Michael)

ZU students with Nada Badran Tourism Entrepreneur Wander with Nada (Photo by Dr. Noela Michael)

By Mariam Saif Alketbi
28th February 2017

DUBAI — At the recent guest speaker presentation event Zayed University’s ‘Tourism Principles (COM 371)’ students had the pleasure to meet Nada Badran. She is a tourism entrepreneur in the UAE. The name of her company is Wander with Nada. Ms Badran is a licensed tour guide by the DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing). She conducts walking tours of Dubai with her customers.

During the event, she spoke about what makes her different from other tour operators. She stressed on culture, the way of life, local customs, traditions, heritage, lifestyle, beliefs, and society as being her hallmarks of success. Add to this that Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the World, which is primarily due to its expat community, Expo 2020, Dubai shopping festival and the other numerous events in the country. She also emphasized that to be a successful operator, one must have leadership skills, and knowledgeable about the local events of the country. This was followed by her accentuating the importance of performing a Marketing mix. In her case, she emphasized the importance of knowing and understanding the tourism industry and its relation to the airline, hotel, and food industry. She also pointed out the importance of competitor research and a strict pricing analysis. She then discussed the importance of PR and the importance of digital marketing, website marketing, Trade Marketing, B2B, SEO, Ads, blogs, and branding.

At the end of this event, student groups were given an activity in which they chose our favorite place in Dubai and discussed its strengths and weaknesses. This was not only a fun but also very informative event and will guide ZU students when they graduate and start professional careers.


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  1. Asma Naser H. says:

    How lucky that Dubai students got to meet such a great personality! great article, by the way. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Budoor says:

    Great article, I like it

  3. Sheikha AL-Qubaisi says:

    the article is good, it includes simple vocabulary that is understandable!

  4. umkalthoom says:

    great article, very detailed about the event, it would’ve been great if we had the same event in AD campus

  5. Meera Al Hammadi says:

    great article!

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