Sunset at Dubai canal

Sunset at Dubai Canal

Video by: Reem Al Falasi

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15 Responses to Sunset at Dubai canal

  1. mariamjs83 says:

    good work. i love how you got the whole sunset.

  2. reem mohamed says:

    Calm music with the perfect view. I loved the video and good luck.

  3. mona says:

    Thanks Reem, I loved the video a lot and how to merge the sunset with the music knowing that I did not visit the Dubai canal but after this video I will visit soon.

  4. Suhaila Al Dosari says:

    Thank you Reem , I needed to see something so sweet like this today.

  5. Alia says:

    Great video.

  6. sara Abdulla says:

    its really an amazing work

  7. Ayesha Alyaarbi says:

    amazing video, great job

  8. sara282 says:

    Great job and amazing I really like how it was shown in clear way.

  9. Mariam Al Romaithi says:

    Reem, Thank you for the great video covering a great and new place in Dubai The Canal.

  10. shaikha alhosani says:

    i went there once before they open it and now after your video, i am axcited to go gain and see what did they develop and on the sunset time

  11. Noura Ali Almarzooqi says:

    I liked the video Reem, it really a good idea in how to covering the sunset in Dubai. it made me feel to go there and observe the sunset by myself. good luck.

  12. Abeer Mohammed says:

    I loved the music which you add Reem, but I didn’t like the few , you need to choose the excellent location to shoot

  13. umkalthoom says:

    i liked the video , it made me feel to go out there and observe the scenery personally.

  14. Bashayer. says:

    Good job Reem. I feel like the video is shaking, try to fix that, but in general the video is great.

  15. Sara Alzaabi says:

    Reem, well done for this amazing work in covering Dubai canal. If you could just check the video resolution and fix the small problems. Good Luck

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