That first pair of sunglasses

When one is in Venice, a pair of sunglasses is absolutely necessary. (Photo by Fatma Al Falasi)

By Fatma Al Falasi

ABU DHABI—Getting your first-ever pair of that one very special thing is always a moment to cherish. No matter how little that thing is, it still matters.

Let’s go back to the start of summer 2015, my first summer as a high school graduate. That time in my life is when I started needing things I did not necessarily want or saw interest in back in my youth. However, one thing I have always wanted since I was a little girl was a pair of these glamorous round sunglasses my elder sister always wears. It was about time for me to give my inner child these glasses she always wanted.

Around mid-May, my family and I were having a family day out at Yas Mall. As the day went by, we passed by a sunglasses retailer store called Sunglass Hut. From a distance, I saw these beautiful fashionable round-shaped sunglasses with black acetate from a distance. I cannot tell you how much my eyes lit up nor can I tell you how fast I rushed my parent and myself into the store.

As soon as I walked in, I tried them on. At that very moment, my inner child felt dazzling trying on that pair of Miu Miu’s. In my heart, I knew I had to get them and eventually I did, but only after a lot of convincing of my parents. Getting my first pair of glasses felt a lot like owning the world.

Once I had them, then I had to wear them—of course on vacation. Late that June was my very first time travelling with my new sunglasses. They went with me to many places, and I am very grateful these round-eyed sunglasses for blocking the shinning sun in Switzerland and Italy.

Summer isn’t always the best to witness the many wonders of the world and admire nature’s beauty, but my glasses made it a lot easier to take a glance at the unforgettable mountains, lakes and canals.

It was my very trip to Venice, Italy, the beautiful city that sits on top of the water. At the hotel balcony where I stood, the sun was high, the air was warm and facing me was the Grand Canal. My glasses made it a lot easier for me to witness the beauty of Venice canals. It is safe to say that that was one of most picturesque views I have seen in my entire life.

Other than those great moments my sunglasses and I have had in Venice, they were there with me making it a lot easier to walk to campus on my very first day at Zayed University. The pair of sunglasses was there with me walking to the hospital to meet my first nephew for the very first time on a sunny Friday. They were there with me to cover my red swollen eyes on my very loved and cherished grandma’s funeral. They were there for me through the highs and lows.

My sunglasses there for me like a true friend who always has my back, but instead they’ve got my eyes.

Sadly, one day, I was in the Dubai Mall’s fitting room on a very crowded day. I left my sunglasses and purse on the chair as I tried things on. After many hours, I realized that my sunglasses were not in my purse anymore. I tried going back to the store to find them, but this is where things ended. That was the time I lost my sunglasses, the time where it felt like a lost a part of me.

I describe that moment of my life as a learning process. A lesson that taught me was that there are days where you are going to lose things you cherish, but losing my sunglasses taught me that the sun is a light that will not blind you—it will guide you.

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  1. Sara Alzaabi says:

    Dear Fatma, I like the story you share with us. As well as, the picture are so amazing its really capturing the moments.
    I like when you say ” but losing my sunglasses taught me that the sun is a light that will not blind you—it will guide you” & I totally agree. Well done.

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