Eritrean students take part in National Day


Members of the Eritrean Club took part in International Day at Zayed University. From left to right, club members include Mussie Isaac, Yafeit Traya, Musie Yemane and Siem Tesfalem. (Staff photo)

By Omar Al-Jabri

ABU DHBAI—The world is big and it has many cultures, religions, languages and peoples.

It might seem that we Emirati students have a different language, culture and religion with the brand new Eritrean students at Zayed University, but, as we found out at the ZU National Day celebration in late November, we share a vision. Both want to build our nations and have successful careers.

Eritrea, located in northeast Africa next to Ethiopia and the Sudan, has two religions, Islam and Christianity. Some of their culture is identical to Arab culture, and those Eritreans follow Islam.

One Eritean student said he was grateful for the chance to study at ZU.

“We have learned that when all people have a single belief, then they will take the country to the top,” said Nahom Aron. “We believe we have been shown the way to harmony and a peaceful life. Zayed University has given a great opportunity for us international students. In addition, when I saw the warm welcome from the Emirati people when we came to Abu Dhabi during the summer, I felt comfortable”

In their first year at ZU, the Eritrean students are taking Arabic, life skills, mathematics, the basic advising course and English composition. The Eritrean students said that their Arabic language skills are improving.

“I want to thank the government of Eritrea and Sheikha Lubna al Qasimi, the president of ZU, for this great opportunity,” Meron Tedros added.

The Eritrean students said they hope to earn high grades in all of their subjects and keep improving and learning everything about Emirati culture and the Arabic language. They are also happy to be taking part in extracurricular activities, including the Eritrean Club and varsity sports (volleyball and basketball). The club members, in addition to taking part in National Day, also participated in Club Fair Day in October.

“I believe that love is action and taking action when my country needs me,” said first-year ZU student Natnael Gezae. “We have been colonized for 30 years. However, our country will develop and improve.”

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