Last Exit Truck Park offers motorists fast food, nostalgia

Last Exit

Classic cars and vintage ads adorn the Last Exit entrance. (Photo by Asmaa Aljneibi)

By Asmaa Aljneibi

DUBAI—About a dozen of the UAE’s most mainstream restaurants brands have another home in what is the now coolest service station on our highways. Last Exit Street Food Truck Park opened at the end of July between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is a place where you will find plenty of good food when you are filling up.

Located on the Emirates 11 near the Ghantoot turnoff, Last Exit is a 1,500-square meter food truck park. Motorists can take a rest and eat breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. What’s really interesting is that it’s open 24/7, so you can have late dinner or extremely early breakfast.

What I love the most about Last Exit is that each truck has its own intercom ordering service. Each truck is set up as an individual truck where drivers park up and order their food. Last Exit really is fit for a quick grab. You can choose to eat in the car or in the decorated canteen.

The fuel station is set behind the food trucks and feels like a classic auto repair distribution center. Vintage ads, street signs, license tags, tools and oil cans adorn the walls and ceiling. There are two reprieve rooms where customers can rest or take a timeout with their families. Both rooms are scattered with wooden tables and barrel-like stools. The toilets have their walls covered in arrangements of auto ads from the 1950s.

Last Exit is a delightful setup of fast food choices. The food truck park idea is the first of its kind in the UAE. You can grab a quick bite or have a family dinner. Now that the Last Exit has opened, eating out has a chance to be fun for motorists. The rest stop takes you back to 1950s America with the old autos, warm hues and a friendly, safe environment.

The food outlets include Starbucks, Poco Loco, Baja Fresh, Burger Pit, Big Smoke Burger, The Brass, Clinton St. Baking Company, Operation Falafel, The Hot Dog Stand, Urban Seafood, il Caffe di Roma and All Day Mini-Mart.


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