ZU contributes ideas for sustainable living

By Laila Nabil Binkuwair

Dubai—As a part of encouraging students to generate new creative ideas, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences held an exhibition about sustainable living in the UAE. The exhibition took place during the UAE Innovation Week that was held at Zayed University from Nov. 20 to Nov. 26. The event took place on ZU Dubai campus between wings C and D where a lot of students from the college presented their work.

The exhibition featured student projects about new ideas for sustainable living in the UAE.

Ideas presented at the exhibition where mostly solutions to help the society in the UAE live sustainably. A range of projects were about sustainable energy, agriculture and buildings.

The exhibition had three unique works by students that showed their creative thinking about sustainable solutions.

The sustainable agriculture factory by Hamda AlMasoum and Roudah Rashed

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrients solutions to feed the plants in water, without soil. This technique could reduce the number of cultivated areas and could save water by using recycled water for planting process.

The sustainable agriculture factory project was presented by Hamda and Rouhdah during the Innovation Week

Water heater using solar energy by Fatma Al Bastaki, Shaima Yousef and Meera Younis

The heater uses solar photovoltaic systems which directly use solar energy to heat water. The unique advantage of this project is that it uses an alternative heating system which is easy to use and is environmentally friendly. Also, the heater will help reduce the electricity used in households.

The water heater using solar energy project was presented by Fatma, Shaima and Meera during the Innovation Week.

Greywater treatment system by Shamma Ahmed and Fatma Abdulla

Greywater is defined as used water that originates mainly from sinks, showers, washing machines or other sources. The system collects greywater from the source and treats it in a filter machine powered by solar energy. The treated greywater is then pumped again for reuse in drip irrigation and flushing. This system helps reduce water and electricity consumption which lead to saving consumer’s water and electricity bill.

Greywater treatment system was presented by Shamma and Fatma during the Innovation Week.


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