Breaking News: Donald Trump Shocks the World By Winning US Presidency

By Afra Ali Mohamad Ahmad Bin Jassim Al Mutairi 

ABU DHABI, UAE, November 9, 2016 — The U.S Presidential Elections took the world by storm. People from all around the globe were anticipating the outcome. Would the United States have the first female President? Or would Donald Trump follow in the patriotic tradition?

Shockingly, Trump won. In a victory speech this morning, he encouraged the citizens of the United States to once again unite with one another and help the American Dream to be reborn. 

Students in Zayed University had a lot to say about the results. More than half of the female students in informal class polls were not supportive of Trump.

Shamma AlZaabi, 22, disapproved of the election results, but couldn’t help but remind fellow students that at the end of the day, the U.S President does not have the ultimate power of the country’s decisions. He must share power with other branches of government.

Maryam Rashed, 20,  specializing in Integrated Strategic Communication, elaborated. “In my opinion, I did not support any of the parties, since I believe that presidents do not have control of the country’s decisions. There is a higher power that is influencing the votes as well as the decisions that will follow the elections. The U.S, in my opinion, has a set plan for the country no matter who wins.” 

Amna Rashed Abdulrahman Abdul Lateef Almuqahwi reports:

Planning a vacation soon in the US, Lula Hamad, 20, and her family are starting to reconsider their decision. She showed a great concern. “I find it hard to believe that Donald trump has actually won the presidency and I ‘m genuinely afraid of what this means for Arabs and the effects that this could have on the region.”

Moreover, it’s shocking that Hilary Clinton lost the election because that is not what everyone expected. For me, I have cousins who are studying at university in Arizona.


Before the election, on October 15, Zayed University faculty members from the College of Communication and Media Sciences College discussed the 2016 United States election at the Fourth Annual Journalism Day, held at American Community School in Abu Dhabi. Mouza Khadim Mubarak Abbad Alhameli reports:

Dr. Britt Christensen, Associate Professor at Zayed University, described Donald Trump as a skilled social media user. Trump’s strategy to communicate spontaneously and directly with the people made him  unique. He got media coverage without asking nor paying for it.  “It’s been a cycle of the media being obsessed with what he says and what he’s doing and getting clicks from the public continuously,” Dr. Christensen explained.

Dr. David Bulla spoke about agenda setting by the media in a way that Trump dominated. As an example, he cited an article and picture in The Guardian, a British newspaper.  “Trump is in the background and Mrs. Clinton is in the foreground…She’s being positive… she looks serious and solemn;  in the background Trumps looks angry.” Apparently, the anger Trump expressed was more in keeping with the feelings of many Americans.

Dr.Bulla believes news outlets tried to portray the candidates’ personality differences through images.  “Here is this serious policy person who has not only been First Lady, but a senator for New York, Secretary of State, who grew up in a very political family and here’s Trump, a real estate executive’s son who made lots of money, but he is a different person” from the typical politician. Americans seem willing to take a risk in electing this kind of candidate.

ZU Professor James Buie discussed how different media portrayed the candidates and campaigns in completely different ways. “If you look at how The New York Times and Wall Street Journal,  Fox News and MSNBC, these are like alternative universes.” These media outlets portray the candidates in ways that “satisfies their readers,” Buie said.


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I am an instructor in the College of Communication and Media Sciences at Zayed University.

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