Five Guys burger joint opens at AD’s Marina Mall

Five Guys has opened a new branch at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi. (Photo by Reem Alhammadi)

Five Guys has opened a new branch at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi. (Photo by Reem Alhammadi)

By Reem Alhammadi

ABU DHABI—Five Guys, the popular American burger chain first established in Washington, D.C., finally has opened its doors in the capital at Marina Mall. Setting its red flag in the first floor of the Abu Dhabi mall, Five Guys provides customers with an enjoyable view of the BOUNCE jumping zone just a floor below.

Jerry and Janie Murrell, as well as their five sons, founded this hamburger restaurant 30 years ago. Originally started in America’s capital city, the restaurant has grown popular across the United States and expanded to Canada, UK, KSA and finally the UAE. The famous restaurant first opened in UAE in Dubai at two locations: the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Marina Mall.

The Murrell family believes that people love simple food and simple choices.

“If you could make simple things like a good burger, you could be successful,” Jerry Murrell said in an interview with The National newspaper.

Therefore, Five Guys, known for its red-and-white motif, promotes this idea by serving a simplified menu that includes a variety of burgers and hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, veggie sandwiches, french fries and the restaurant’s famous customizable milkshake.

Customers are greeted to choose their favorites toppings and ingredients in a wide range of additions from lettuce and pickles to fresh jalapenos and barbeque sauce. Added to the plate of the tasty and fresh-prepared burger are the award-winning fries, proficiently cooked in pure peanut oil. The fries are thicker than the ones you find at most hamburger stands.

When you arrive at the new restaurant, a Five Guys hostess will greet you. She points you toward the ordering area at the cash register. There you place your order and pay. Then you go sit down, wait about five minutes and are served at your table. There is a stand for fresh ketchup, instead of packets, and extra napkins.

In my first visit to the new Five Guys, I will say that no matter if you prefer chicken or beef, with cheese or without, adding whatever you like between those towering layers of hot bread, you will eventually end up with an unforgettable taste that melts inside your mouth. I also advise people to choose the new A1 Sauce and eat that sandwich bite by bite.

Five Guys will suit you if you’re a friend, a family member, a mother maybe or very busy father. It’s the American capital’s gift to the Emirati capital. So if you are in the mood for a burger, give Five Guys at Marina Mall a try.

For more information, visit Five Guys on Twitter and Instagram at @FiveGuysUAE.



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  1. Maitha says:

    Five guys is one of my favorite restaurants. I like their burgers and their restaurant style. thanks for the good review about it.

  2. Maha Omar says:

    Really from your explanation about the restaurant I need to try Five Guys.

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