My contagious love for classical music

My uncle Rashid has an old gramophone. (Photo by Maryam Altenaiji)

My uncle Rashid’s beautiful antique gramophone. (Photo by Maryam Altenaiji)

By Hajer Al Teneiji

My passion for classical music makes me feel joyful and happy. I listen to various kinds of classical music, but my favorite piece is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major

To me, Mozart’s music is filled with happiness and passion. His music has the power to change my mood instantly.

Classical music helps me feel calm and think deeply. The musical notes elevates my imagination. It makes me imagine, dream, fly and color the sky. Classical music inspires me to listen to the story of my soul, because there are no lyrics to distract me into thinking of someone else’s story. 

When the hands of the instrumentalist touch the piano keys, my soul start popping and dancing. Classical music clears my mind of all the noises in the world and brings me peace.

Perhaps some people think I exaggerate the happiness I sense when listening to classical music. But, they are not aware of the feeling I get when I leap from a boring world to a world full of passion.

Classical music makes me feel like a beautiful butterfly. It helps me feel creative and inspires me to express that creativity in painting, writing, photography and storytelling. Simply, it helps me create something beautiful.

Various researchers have studied the impact of classical music on the brain and how it motivates people to be creative. For example, D.J. Simpson at the University of California studied high-school music students and found that they scored higher grades in creativity and in perceptual motor skills than other students (Hallam, 2010).

My interest in classical music was sparked by my mother. She studied classical music as a child, and passed on her interest to me. As I grew up, she always listened to classical music on the radio or on cassette at home. Also, my uncle Rashid has an antique gramophone, which he used to listen to different kinds of classical music from different cultures.

Classical music is what makes me happy. What does make you happy?.



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  1. Maitha says:

    It is interesting that the classical music makes you happy, personally i would prefer the modern music! I might try to listen to classical music after what you said about it :)!

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