‘Flipped,’ short film by Emirati at ZUMEFF, teaches dangers of speed

A scene from the movie 'Flipped." (Screencapture by By Hajar Al Hosani)

A scene from the movie ‘Flipped.” (Screencapture by By Hajar Al Hosani)

By Hajar Al Hosani

ABU DHABI — ZUMEFF provides an awesome chance for students to show their abilities in creating movies, especially if these movies have specific messages and morals for society. I like the movies in this year’s film festivals more than last year. All of them are super creative and have different style of delivering stories.

My favorite short film that really affected me on the inside is called “Flipped,” by Emirati filmmaker Humaid ALSharhan, a student at HCT on Abu Dhabi. It has a lot of emotional shots that convince viewers that speed is very dangerous and can take their lives at any moment.

The story basically depicts the dangers of speeding on the streets. You’re not only hurting yourself, but also you are hurting others by speeding and being selfish, and not thinking of the rights of other people on the street.

The movie is about two young men, Ahmed and Saeed, who just graduated from a university. They were in Ahmed’s car, driving at high speed without any care for other people on the street. Suddenly a very bad accident happened to them at one moment, and sadly Saeed died in the accident, making his friend feel very bad for the rest of his life, because he felt that he had killed his friend by stupid behavior.

The quality of the acting was super good. The music was fitting with the scenes of the movie and the voices of the actors. The lighting in the movie was good. They shot the movie with high quality cameras, and used the sun to give nice effects.

The one part of the movie that I did not like was when the accident happened to the two men. The ambulance that arrived contained two well-dressed girls in make-up, supposedly nurses. But they did not look like nurses. I did not like this part because it made me think it is not real and fake in some way.

The movie in general can influence anyone who sees it. In my country, the UAE, we need to have more awareness about speeding on the street, because we have a lot of recklessness, especially from young people.

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