Horse-riding helps student learn about her own character

Click on the photo to view a videoclip on of the author on her horse, preparing to jump. (Photo By Hessa Al Haram)

Click on the photo to view a videoclip on of the author on her horse, preparing to jump. (Photo By Hessa Al Haram)

By Hessa Al Haram

ABU DHABI — One of the many things I like people to know about me is that I am a horse rider. It makes me feel proud that I successfully engage in something I truly enjoy and love.

I have been riding for the past five years. In 2011, I joined Al Forsan International Sports Resort as a beginner rider. During my time at Al Forsan, I met many trainers, from different nationalities and genders. Each trainer brought something out of me that I never knew existed.

A British trainer once told me that I am a strong rider, even though I am small and have short legs. A Romanian trainer built my confidence and helped me become fearless of any horse, even if it had a difficult personality. He taught me to show the horse that I am in control and not the other way around.

Currently I am an advanced jumping rider. According to the British Horse Society categorization, I am considered an advanced team rider. I participated in two show jumping competitions that were held at Al Forsan this year. During the first competition, I won third place with two clear rounds and during the second competition I won fourth place with two clear rounds.

On the day of the second competition I met two trainers that introduced me to a great opportunity to start show jumping across the UAE. One of them was a judge at the second competition. He told me that he has never seen a UAE national female equestrian ride the way I do. He told me that I am a confident rider, who doesn’t just ride for fun, and I have something unique that grabbed his attention while I was competing.

One thing that remained in my mind was when he said, “you are a fighter.”

The second person I met is Tina Al Qubaisi. She has her own stable called Dhabian Equestrian Club. She is looking for UAE national female riders to compete under the name of her stable with her horses. I took the opportunity and joined Dhabian Team. Currently my trainer is her son, Khalid Al Qubaisi. After each lesson, he gives me feedback on areas that I need to improve.

Overall, I am glad that I started riding five years ago; it makes me more than happy and proud to join the Dhabian Team. I hope one day I will be a well-known UAE national showjumping rider.


About the Author

A student at Zayed University Majoring in Film & Video Communication, expected to graduate in Fall 2016. One of my favorite hobbies to practice is horse riding.

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  1. Sheikha Almannaei says:

    hey! looks like i’m on the same boat, except i don’t have a horse on my own yet 🙂

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